Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment using clear removable plastic aligners that can gradually move the teeth into proper alignment. ⁣
Treatment time varies depending upon the severity of the problem but generally,  it can vary between 6-18 months. ⁣
Invisalign has evolved over the years to become an effective treatment for many orthodontic problems. The use of little tooth coloured buttons or “attachements” are an integral part of the system to help move the teeth. ⁣
The aligners can be removed for eating and for oral hygiene. This presents a significant advantage over traditional braces. ⁣
The entire course of the treatment is supervised to ensure that the teeth are moving correctly and as planned. Generally, we see patients every six weeks to verify the tooth movements and to deliver new aligners. ⁣
The planning is the most important part of the treatment!  After impressions of your teeth are taken and scanned, we treatment plan your case to ensure that we achieve our goal of straightening the teeth with great consideration to the bite (the manner in which the teeth come together), gum recession, final aesthetic outcome and many other important factors that ensure the health of the teeth over the long term. ⁣
Our intention is always to achieve the best possible outcome for our patients. Many patients are referred to our orthodontist, when we determine that the orthodontic problem requires the expertise of a specialist. ⁣
Do not hesitate to contact our office for any questions about Invisalign. Helping you smile is what we love to do! ⁣