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Happy Holidays Soho Dental Family!

Our Dear Soho Dental Family,

This year has been a difficult one for us all. The global pandemic has left its mark upon us in different ways. It continues to test our strength and resilience as we try to cope with the second wave.

The holidays for me have always been a time for gratitude. This is particularly true this year. Despite all the difficulties that we are facing, I have sincere gratitude for good health and the love of family and friends.

I have gratitude for the trust and loyalty that you have all shown me during this time. My purpose has always been to be of service to my patients. Without your support, this would not be possible. I wanted to thank you for this. Me and my staff will continue to stay vigilant to ensure that we are able to deliver care in the safest possible way.

The news of the vaccine brings with it hope and encouragement but let us not forget that it will be some time before we begin to truly see the benefits. Until then, please stay cautious during this holiday season.

I wanted to wish you all the absolute best for the holiday season! I hope that the joy of the season still permeates even if we must celebrate in a different manner. We wish you and your families good health, happiness, and resilience to overcome all of your difficulties.

Sincerely, Dr Haji and the Soho Dental Team

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Zeiss Canada

Dr Haji & Soho Dental Proud to be Featured in Zeiss Canada Article

Dr. Haji and the staff at Soho Dental are extremely proud to be the focus of Zeiss Canada’s latest article “Beyond ergonomics- microscopic dentistry in COVID-19”.

Soho Dental and Zeiss Canada work closely together to provide our patients with the latest in dental technology & care. Zeiss’s microscopes allow more comfort for dentist & patient alike, and provide incredible resolution and accuracy making our work more accurate, as well as less invasive for the patient. Be sure to check out this amazing piece of technology on your next visit to Soho Dental!

Click Here to read the Zeiss Canada article now.

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Replacement of a Ceramic Crown

The previous crown on the right lateral incisor had served the patient for many years. Unfortunately, it had cracked on the palatal aspect and required replacement. We took advantage of this opportunity to improve the colour match, add characterization and improve the gingival health at the crown margin. The preparation of the margin and a well contoured provisional were critical to improving the tissue health. Bonding to the right central and left lateral was also done to improve the aesthetics. Bonding to the canine teeth was done to provide disclusion in function. In addition, a nightguard is essential for this patient! ⁣

  • Before-Replacement of a Ceramic Crown
    After-Replacement of a Ceramic Crown
    Before Replacement of a Ceramic Crown After


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zeiss visit

Zeiss Canada Visits Soho Dental

It was wonderful to have Rod and Lubna from Zeiss Canada at the clinic! I had the opportunity to talk about my favorite technology in the office, which is of course my microscope. The microscope has allowed me to practice ergonomically. It also helps me to see the treatment area in detail which allows me to reach my treatment goals when delivering care.

In addition, we discussed the massive transition that we have had to make to practice safely during the pandemic. Physical distancing amongst the staff, amongst patients in the clinic, the use of masks at all times, air purification, and the challenges of catching up with patient care after having been closed are some of the items that we discussed.

The challenges continue to be daunting at times but our patients have been extremely compliant with the new protocols. Thank you immensely all for your cooperation in helping us provide dental care safely!

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Discoloured Front Tooth⁣⁣

Our patient was concerned about her discoloured front tooth. The discolouration is a result of trauma to the tooth when she was younger. Composite resin was added to the tooth to repair a chip from the trauma. Additional composite was added to help with the discolouration. It was time to replace the composite as it was worn and discoloured. Shade matching a dark tooth is a challenge because we are limited to the degree we can change the shade based on the thickness of the material. The more thickness of material we need, the more tooth structure needs to be removed. In this case, only the pre-existing composite was removed. Ideally, a porcelain restoration will give better aesthetics and longevity. Until then, our patient is thrilled with the improvement in the look of her front tooth with composite!

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Embracing the new reality at Soho Dental

COVID-19 has caused us all to make serious adjustments to our lives and daily routine, at Soho Dental we have embraced this change, and our staff and clients have been fantastic at working with us to achieve this “new reality” in our clinic space!

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Social Distancing

Masks, Social Distancing and Hand Hygiene

August is coming to an end and at Soho Dental, we have had another exciting month doing what we love to do!

Once again, a sincere thank you for everyone’s compliance to our safety protocols when coming in for your dental visit. Masks, social distancing and hand hygiene are the cornerstones to keeping everyone safe.

Aside from the visible safety measures that we have established, I wanted to bring awareness to some additional ones that are less obvious.

Every treatment room has a medical grade HEPA filtration unit to circulate the air and filter out contaminants multiple times per hour. These are running all the time during clinic hours.

All treatment rooms, common areas and furniture get fogged daily with a Health Canada approved disinfectant that sanitizes difficult to access surfaces.

These are just additional measures that may have benefit. Ultimately, the most important safety measures that we can all carry out during our daily activities in all environments are to wear a mask in indoor spaces, to maintain social distance and to sanitize our hands. Thank you so much for doing your part when you come to see us!

We are now booking appointments for cleanings and all other dental care for the upcoming months. Please feel free to email us to book your appointment. Most importantly, if you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to address your concerns and to keep us all safe!


Dr Haji and the team at Soho Dental

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Video – External Resorption

Dr. Feisel Haji works with a patient suffering from External Resorption at Soho Dental in Toronto, Canada.

External resorption is often caused by injuries to the mouth and teeth that cause swelling and loss of bone and tissue on and around a tooth. Such injuries may occur from prolonged use of orthodontic appliances such as braces, or from tooth grinding or tooth bleaching.

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Thank You

Thank you to our Soho Dental Family⁣!

A sincere thank you to our Soho Dental Family⁣!
The month of July has been busy and exciting for us all here at Soho Dental. We have been adapting to our new reality and embracing the protocols that are designed to keep us all safe. ⁣
Many things remain the same. The dentistry and the needs of our patients remain the same. Our instrument sterilization and room sanitization procedures remain the same. Yes, even before the pandemic, we had to assume that everyone we were seeing could be potentially infectious, so our infection control procedures have always been at a very high standard. ⁣
What has changed is how we manage the number of people at the clinic, both staff and patients. We have extended our business hours to ensure better patient flow. We screen everyone that we see at the clinic for treatment to ensure they are screening negative for symptoms. We screen ourselves each day. We ensure that masks are worn by everyone in all areas of the clinic. Patients are asked to remove their masks only when seated in the dental chair and treatment is about to commence. ⁣
I have been so impressed and grateful for your response, our patients. We have had no issue with compliance to the new protocols and I am humbled and grateful for all the kind words and support that we have received.⁣
We are currently providing our full range of services including dental cleanings. Erinn, Lindsay or Kris will be pleased to answer any questions that you may have and to get you booked into our schedule for your dental needs.
To all our patients who have seen us this month, I wanted to offer a very sincere thank you. Thank you for your trust in our ability to offer dental care safely during these unique times. Our best wishes for your good health always! ⁣
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Making it work!

The return to work has had many challenges. There has been a lot of focus on all the PPE we need. Working with the extra PPE has required a great deal of adaptability but it is doable.

The other challenges are also formidable. Social distancing in the office amongst staff and patients has meant that we have had to rework our schedule and adapt to a longer work day. I cannot thank my staff enough for being able to pivot so quickly.

Wearing a mask all day long is tiring. What I find most difficult is trying to communicate with my patients with a mask. It is incredible to realize how much we rely on facial expressions (and our smiles) to communicate with others.

In the end, we are making it work. Our patients have been fantastic at adapting to the new protocols! Every day that passes seems like we are getting closer to establishing the new normal.

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