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Replacement of a Ceramic Crown

The previous crown on the right lateral incisor had served the patient for many years. Unfortunately, it had cracked on the palatal aspect and required replacement. We took advantage of this opportunity to improve the colour match, add characterization and improve the gingival health at the crown margin. The preparation of the margin and a well contoured provisional were critical to improving the tissue health. Bonding to the right central and left lateral was also done to improve the aesthetics. Bonding to the canine teeth was done to provide disclusion in function. In addition, a nightguard is essential for this patient! ⁣

  • Before-Replacement of a Ceramic Crown
    After-Replacement of a Ceramic Crown
    Before Replacement of a Ceramic Crown After


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Replacing a Crown with the Zeiss Extaro 300 Dental Microscope

The wonders that this Zeiss Extaro 300 Electronic Microscope can accomplish never cease to amaze us at Soho Dental in Toronto, incredible resolution and accuracy make our work not only fun, but also more accurate, and even easier! Stop by Soho Dental Toronto and check out this amazing piece of technology!

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What is a Veneer?


Figure 1: Right front tooth has a large discoloured filling and it is shorter than the left front tooth.


Figure 2: Result after teeth whitening and a porcelain veneer on the right front tooth.

A veneer is a porcelain facing that is permanently bonded onto the front of the tooth.  The purpose of the veneer is to improve the aesthetics when we desire a colour change in the tooth or when we need to change the contour or shape of a tooth.  In the above example, the first picture shows the patient’s right front tooth that has poor aesthetics due to a large filling.  It is also shorter than the left front tooth.

After treatment with the veneer, we can see that the lengths of the teeth are equal and that the porcelain has completely masked the discoloured filling.  In addition, the patient had their teeth whitened, improving the overall esthetics of the smile.

If you have any questions regarding improving your smile with veneers, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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What is a Post & Core?

A post and core (colloquially known as a “post” or “dental post”) is a type of dental restoration used either to stabilize a weakened tooth or provide an anchor for a crown.

This video features a Post and Core being placed at Soho Dental in Toronto.

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