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Soho Dental’s Second Location is Coming Soon!

To Our Soho Family,

We are ecstatic to announce that Soho Dental is opening a brand-new second practice located in Toronto’s trendy Annex area. The second location will serve new and existing patients, providing the best possible dental care in a calm, relaxing, and inviting setting. The new practice is expected to open by the end of August!

The new location is in the heart of the vibrant and established community of Seaton Village in Toronto. The area is currently experiencing an extraordinary change at the site of the former Mirvish establishment. We are so pleased to be in the midst of this change and to have the opportunity to serve members of the Seaton Village community.

In the early seventies, the area was instrumental in serving immigrant communities. Therefore, the location holds personal significance as a reminder of my family’s history and an acknowledgement to the struggles of establishing a life in a new country.

Furthermore, the location is easily accessible by the subway system at Bathurst station. This provides access for our many patients who have moved away from the downtown core. We look forward to welcoming new patients as the location grants an easy commute from all corners of Toronto.

We look forward to being able to better serve new clients and our existing Soho Dental family at our two beautiful locations!

Stay tuned for more information!

In the meantime, the Soho Dental team is still ready to serve you at our Spadina location. Schedule your next appointment by emailing or call us at 416-340-SOHO (7646).


Dr. Haji and the Soho Dental Team


We are very excited to serve new and existing patients at our second location. Click the photos below for your sneak peek of the new location!

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Dr. Janine Koutsaris

Meet Your Dentist: Dr. Janine Koutsaris

To Our Soho Family,

What a crazy year and a half it has been for all of us during this pandemic! Although we continue to work hard to meet all oral health needs of patients throughout this time, we haven’t been able to meet all of you face-to-face. Even patients who have come by the clinic are greeted by team members covered in masks and extra PPE! Therefore, we want to formally introduce our Associate Dentist, Dr. Janine Koutsaris; who many may be meeting for the first time as you return to the clinic.


Dr. Koutsaris joined our Soho Dental team in September 2019. Her fascination with dentistry began in 2011 while shadowing in a dental clinic during her undergraduate studies in Kinesiology. As a result, Dr. Koutsaris pursued the career by enrolling at University College Cork in Ireland as a dental student. During this time, she gained clinical experience treating patients in a hospital setting.


As a former competitive gymnast, Dr. Koutsaris has always been passionate about combining dexterity and meticulousness to create something beautiful. Furthermore, dentistry is a career that combines her knowledge of the human body, her passion for art and creation, and all things teeth to help bring a beautiful and pain-free smile to all her patients.


Transparency and dental education are two key values of Dr. Koutsaris’ treatment process. All of her patients can expect a collaborative exploration of their oral health. This means reviewing clinical results together and formulating a treatment plan that best fits the needs of the patient. In other words, Dr. Koutsaris hopes to foster an environment where patients embrace dentist visits and feel comfortable asking questions about their oral health.


Dr. Koutsaris has been a remarkable addition to our Soho team. She believes the best part of her work is interacting with our Soho team and the patients around her. The trust and kindness that our patients show daily are what make her job fun and enjoyable. 


“As a healthcare worker during the COVID pandemic, I strive every day to do my part in keeping my community safe. This has meant implementing many changes in the clinic (i.e. so much PPE that most of our patients have never seen my face!), but also to our everyday lives, where isolation at home has been a real challenge,” states Dr. Koutsaris. “Keeping the mind and body healthy has been so crucial in preventing burnout during the pandemic, and for me, that means exercising and outdoor walks as much as possible.”


When Dr. Koutsaris is away from the office she enjoys spending time outdoors with her little chihuahua, Koodo. You may often find her on a park bench, reading a good book and enjoying the good weather.


Dr. Koutsaris is always eager to accept new patients and hopes to see you at your next appointment. She is available from Monday to Thursday and one Saturday a month.

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Embracing the new reality at Soho Dental

COVID-19 has caused us all to make serious adjustments to our lives and daily routine, at Soho Dental we have embraced this change, and our staff and clients have been fantastic at working with us to achieve this “new reality” in our clinic space!

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Video – External Resorption

Dr. Feisel Haji works with a patient suffering from External Resorption at Soho Dental in Toronto, Canada.

External resorption is often caused by injuries to the mouth and teeth that cause swelling and loss of bone and tissue on and around a tooth. Such injuries may occur from prolonged use of orthodontic appliances such as braces, or from tooth grinding or tooth bleaching.

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Dr. Haji to Panel at Zeiss EXTARO 300 Dental Microscope Webinar

A Game Changer for Dentistry Ergonomic design and breakthrough visualization modes for improved treatment outcomes with EXTARO 300 Dental Microscope

When? Friday May 15th, 5PM-6PM (EDT Time)

ZEISS Canada invites you to attend his new virtual dental educational event.

Understand the optimal use and applications of advanced microscopes in dentistry and the advantages of the ZEISS EXTARO Dental Microscope, the latest offering in the category.

A dental microscope can help improve productivity, performance, and well-being at work. Prevent chronic neck and back problems by assuming the right posture during treatments.

Learn about improved microscopic visualization, shadow-free illumination, and fluorescence visualization modes that are playing an ever-increasing role in improving clinical outcomes for patients.

You will find out how ZEISS EXTARO Dental Microscope can now help you to better communicate treatment information through high-quality photos and videos. Transfer images and video easily to improve the perception and impact of your outcomes with patients.

Our Panelist

Dr. Feisel Haji, principal dentist and practice owner at Soho Dental in Toronto, has been passionately providing comprehensive dentistry to his patients for 23 years. A graduate of the University of Western Ontario, where he obtained his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree in 1996, Dr. Haji is also a scholar and alumni member of the Dawson Academy of Advanced Dental Study. He is a strong advocate of ergonomics and microscope dentistry in general dental practice.

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Repairing a Fractured Front Tooth at Soho Dental

To fracture a front tooth accidentally can be quite a traumatic experience. Fortunately, repairing a fractured front tooth can often be done with one dental visit. The video illustrates how we can restore a fractured tooth, conservatively with dental bonding

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The Symptoms of Gum Disease

Red Flags That Signal The Symptoms Of Gum Disease

One of the main causes of gum disease is a build-up of bacteria. Bacteria build up on the teeth and gums each day. If they aren’t removed by a regular oral care routine of toothbrushing and flossing, they can cause the gum inflammation known as “gingivitis” which if left untreated, can progress to the more serious periodontal disease known as “periodontitis.” (1)

Don’t Ignore Early Symptoms Of Gum Disease

If you notice any of these symptoms of gum disease, see your dentist as soon as possible:

  • Gums that bleed easily when you brush or floss.
  • Red, tender, or swollen gums (healthy gums should be pink and firm). (2)

If you have symptoms of gum disease, your dentist will examine your teeth and gums to confirm the diagnosis. If symptoms of gum disease are caught early, the treatment may be as simple as a thorough dental cleaning and a revision of your at-home oral care routine.

Recognize Symptoms Of Advanced Gum Disease

If you notice these symptoms of gum disease, your infection may have progressed to periodontitis.

  • Pain: Pain in the teeth or gums.
  • Loose Teeth: Gums that pull away from the teeth, creating pockets where additional bacteria can build up.
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Understanding and Eliminating Bad Breath

Want Some Life Saving Advice?

Ask Your Dental Hygienist About Understanding and Eliminating Bad Breath

Do you ever worry that you’re the only one in the room with bad breath? Well, guess again. Nearly 40,000,000 Americans commonly suffer from bad breath, also known as oral malodor or halitosis. Yet, it is a curable condition that is generally caused by strong foods such as onions or garlic; poor oral health habits; or medical problems such as stomach disorders, an excessive postnasal drip, or bacteria in the mouth. Once you discover the source of the problem, there are a number of ways to keep your mouth free of unpleasant odors.

Oral malodor can be divided into two distinctive categories—transitory and chronic. Transitory refers to food-related malodor that can last as long as 72 hours. Virtually everyone suffers from this condition at one time or another. The second category, chronic, is generally related to oral or general medical problems.

There are three basic sources of bad breath. The first is simple: an unclean mouth. Routine cleaning of teeth and gums will help prevent the build up of plaque—a soft, sticky, almost invisible film made up of harmful bacteria—and in turn help prevent bad breath. Carefully brushing at least two-to-three times a day, flossing daily, and rinsing your mouth vigorously to remove any loose foods is essential. However, research has found that simply keeping teeth clean is not enough to eliminate oral malodor.

Tongue deplaquing with tongue scrapers— tools exclusively designed for use on the tongue—is as essential for fresh breath as regular brushing. Tongue scrapers provide even pressure that forces bacteria, food debris, and dead cells from the pits and crevices in the tongue that a toothbrush cannot remove.

Second, medical problems can keep breath from smelling fresh. Research studies have found that bad breath has been linked to conditions such as diabetes, stomach disorders, or sinus infections with excessive postnasal drip. Common drugs and medications also can affect breath odor.

Third, lifestyle habits play a major role in the prevention of halitosis. For example, smoking and chewing tobacco can affect breath odor.

Just as important to oral health and fresh breath as consistent home care and healthy lifestyle habits is oral health care delivered by a qualified oral health care professional.

Regular oral health care appointments, which include a complete prophylaxis—teeth cleaning above and below the gum line—are essential to maintaining good oral health and fresh breath, so visit your dental hygienist every six months, or as often as she or he recommends.

In addition to helping patients understand the connection between oral health care and overall health, dental hygienists educate patients about proper oral hygiene and treat periodontal disease to prevent the condition from advancing and complicating other diseases.

For more information about proper oral health care, as well as brushingand-flossing instructions, please talk to your registered dental hygienist.

Caught Without a Toothbrush?


If you’re worried about your breath when your toothbrush isn’t available, don’t rely on sugar-coated candies or alcoholladen mouth rinse that can cause more harm than good. Use products that are sugarless and alcohol-free and contain antibacterial agents noted for their effectiveness at controlling oral malodor. Substances such as chlorine dioxide, zinc chloride and essential oils like eucalyptol, menthol, methyl salicylate, and thymol have shown to fight oral malodor. Other tips for keeping breath fresh include:

  • Rinsing your mouth with water after eating if you aren’t able to brush
  • Chewing a piece of sugarless gum to stimulate saliva flow—nature’s own cleanser
  • Snacking on celery, carrots, or apples; they tend to clear away loose food and debris during the chewing process
  • Eating a balanced diet.A vitamin deficiency may contribute to gum disease and bad breath
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