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Technologies with Beneficial Environmental Effects

At Soho dental, it was important to us to invest in the latest technologies so that you benefit from modern dental care. We have specifically chosen technologies that will also have a positive benefit to our environment.

Digital Radiography (x-rays) and Photographs

Digital radiographs are automatically stored in your electronic chart when they are taken, a technique which makes them more efficient than traditional radiographs. In addition, there is a much less radiation exposure needed in order to get an image. Digital radiographs are also kinder to our environment since they eliminate harsh processing chemicals, lead backing in the films, and all the plastic that is needed to mount the films over many years. We also use intra-oral cameras and digital cameras to help you visualize what we see when we examine you. Your x-rays and pictures are immediately viewable on the monitors that we have provided in every treatment room. This method allows you to be actively involved in making decisions about your dental care. Helping our patients understand their dental needs with pictures helps us reach our shared goal of a confident and healthy smile.

Fully Computerized and Paperless Charts

With electronic charting, we have reduced the amount of paper that we would normally use by thousands of pages a year. We have eliminated the possibility that loose papers in your chart would be unknowingly lost. Your dental chart is available to our staff in an organized, complete, and most importantly, in a secure format, which means that we are able to provide treatment quickly and efficiently. Our information management practices are compliant with the Personal Health Information Protection Act.

Zeiss Dental Microscope

We are pleased to include a dental operating microscope as one of our newest technologies for the benefit of our patients.With the use of a microscope, we are able to diagnose dental problems at an earlier stage before they become difficult and more costly to treat.  As a practitioner, I am able to see dental conditions far better than with the naked eye or magnification loupes. It allows me to provide treatment more comfortably and with more precision than ever before.One of the biggest advantages of increased visualization is more conservative treatment. Modern dentistry keeps moving to more conservative treatments and I have already noticed how the microscope allows me to keep cavity preparations as small as possible. This results in a smaller filling which is always better for the overall health of the tooth.

Please do not hesitate to ask us any questions that you may have regarding the dental microscope and its benefits in helping us provide you with the best possible dental care