What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a revolutionary and effective way to move and straighten teeth. Unlike traditional orthodontic braces, Invisalign is comfortable to wear and virtually invisible. Invisalign uses 3-D computer imaging technology to map the entire treatment from start to finish.

Two Invisalign Devices

Invisalign is a revolutionary and effective way to move and straighten teeth

From this computer model, a series of clear plastic trays or aligners are custom made for each patient. Each aligner is worn for about two weeks before it is replaced by the next aligner. In this way, the teeth are guided to their final position.

After an initial consultation, dental impressions, photographs and radiographs (x-rays) are taken and sent to Invisalign. The impressions are scanned and the treatment is mapped out to show the final results and approximate treatment time. The computer model is then viewed by the patient and Dr Haji and the treatment is adjusted if required. After the treatment has been approved, the aligners are made and shipped to us.

The biggest advantage of Invisalign is that they are clear and virtually invisible. They are more esthetic than traditional braces. They are also more comfortable to wear than braces and the movements are gentle. The teeth being moved may be sore for a few days after a new aligner is worn, but this quickly subsides. The aligners need to be worn for at least 20-22 hours a day for the teeth to move. However, they may be removed for brushing, flossing and eating.

The cost of treatment varies with the complexity of the case and payment plans are available to spread the cost over the length of time required for the treatment. Please call us if you have any further questions regarding Invisalign or feel free to visit the Invisalign website at