The journey has begun for our patient who wanted to close the spaces between the upper lateral incisor teeth.

The  worn edges on the central incisors are restored with bonding. The lateral incisors will be restored with porcelain veneers. The second photograph shows the provisionals immediately after the appointment.

The provisionals are a fabricated from acrylic and the colour match will not be perfect but they guide us in determining the colour and contour of the final porcelain veneers.

The gums are slightly irritated from the polishing. This is not uncomfortable for the patient and they will heal in time for the insert of final porcelain veneers.

The provisional phase with temporary veneers is critical to determine if we have contours that will be in harmony with the bite and speech. At this point we can make changes and then mimic those changes in our final veneers.

Aesthetics and function must always work hand in hand! 🤝