Dental Hygenist

Michelle joined the Soho Dental Team in January of January 2022. Her passion and commitment to the world of dentistry evolved from a co-op program she was fortunate enough to be selected for in high school. The experience inspired her to work toward a diploma in Preventive Dental Assisting and her career was in full bloom soon after. An incredibly skilled Dentist allowed her to observe a variety of procedures up close for the next 18 months and it made her hungry for more. Michelle returned to school and received her diploma in Dental Hygiene in 2003.

Many years after that life-changing co-op placement, Michelle remains excited by her work and continually searches for techniques to improve the services she provides. Her primary focus is to create a comfortable experience for all of her patients, through realistic goals that suit your lifestyle. Michelle looks forward to helping you begin the journey toward a healthy and vibrant smile you can be proud of.