Bonded Composite Restorations are the safest, most biocompatible and conservative way of restoring decayed, fractured and/or worn teeth; returning the tooth back to health, and function as well as providing a highly aesthetic appearance.

Composite Restorations are versatile tooth-coloured filling materials composed of strong plastic and glass particles that are used by our dentists or dental therapists to seal deep fissures, fill cavities, and sometimes restore extensively broken down teeth.

Excitingly these restorations may be used as less invasive alternatives to more traditional crowns and inlays which require the more extensive preparation of teeth and can be used to make cosmetic changes to teeth.

Treating dental decay and replacing old fillings

After removing decay or the old filling and preparing the tooth, the restoration is bonded to the tooth, layer by layer, using a special strong LED light source to set the material. When the process is complete, the restoration is shaped and polished. A hermetic seal to the tooth is important and is made possible by carefully keeping the prepared tooth dry, and with the use of special dental adhesives.

Replacing large fillings

These kinds of restorations are frequently used to restore extensively filled, fractured or very decayed teeth as well as to reduce the likelihood of the tooth fracturing in the future.

Our aim is to always try and restore teeth with bonded tooth-coloured fillings when they will provide the best chance of success.

Therefore, we recommend these kinds of restorations in situations where there just is not enough sound tooth structure left for placement of a bonded filling. The choice of using an Onlay as opposed to a Crown for restoring your tooth is that it allows for a more natural tooth to be retained.


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