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What is a Comprehensive Dental Exam?

At Soho Dental, we encourage all our new patients to have a Comprehensive Dental Exam.  This is an important assessment that identifies potential problems and health risks, which in turn allow the dentist and hygienist to give you the best possible dental care. It is the most thorough kind of examination you can have not only for your teeth and gums but the jaw joint, chewing muscles as well as other important areas around the head and neck.

Comprehensive Dental Exams Include:

  1. Medical History: recorded at your first visit. Any aspects that could impact your dental treatment are identified.
  1. Full Set of Digital Radiographs (X-rays): Shows multiple angles of each tooth, allowing us to assess everything below the gums, underneath fillings, in between teeth, as well as levels of supporting bone structure.
  1. Glands and lymph nodes surrounding the head and neck are checked for tenderness or inflammation.
  1. The chewing muscles: examined for any signs of pain or tenderness that could be related to clenching and grinding.
  1. Jaw Joint: Clicking and popping may indicate a TMJ disorder.
  1. The bite of the jaw is tested to see how the upper and lower teeth fit together and to make sure the bite is in harmony for optimal comfort and function.
  1. The inside of the mouth, including the lips, cheeks, tongue, palate are checked for health. Abnormalities are ruled out at this time; screening for oral cancer.
  1. All teeth and existing fillings are checked for signs of decay and damage, ensuring all is functioning well.
  1. A complete and thorough assessment of the gums: measurements are taken around all the teeth and areas of recession are documented. This is important in the early detection of gum disease.
  1. Any other concerns that you may have regarding your dental health and well being are addressed and discussed with the dentist during this exam.

A comprehensive dental exam is much more than a mere check-up.  It is an important component to receiving the very best dental care.  Please do not hesitate to ask us any questions regarding the benefits of a comprehensive dental exam.