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Updated Safety Protocols at Soho Dental

Here at Soho Dental, we have implemented some new safety measures and increased some pre-existing safety measures to minimize the spread of the COVID-19 virus. These include but are not limited to: mandatory face masks, hand sanitizer, social distancing, plexiglass barriers, infrared forehead thermometer temperature checks, enhanced patient protection measures, and more.  We have increased sanitization and sterilization of high-touches surfaces and equipment throughout the office after each patient. In addition, to ensure the safety of our staff and patient we pre-screen each patients for COVID-19 symptoms, operate on a cashless payment system, added HEPA filters in each space of the office, and added PurevacTM high volume evacuation system into all of our operatories. At Soho Dental we believe through teamwork, perseverance and commitment we can provide the safest dental environment possible for our patients and staff.

Mandatory Face Masks

We ask all of our patients to please wear a mask before entering our office and keep the mask on until the dentist is ready for them to remove the mask once they are in the chair. If you do not have a mask please let our staff at the front reception know and a mask will be provided for you. All of the Soho Dental team will be wearing masks at all times

Social Distancing

We ask that all of our patients and staff to practice safe social distancing when in the office. Within the waiting area we have socially distanced the waiting chairs to ensure patients are remaining 6 feet apart at all times. In addition there are stickers in the front reception area of where to stand when waiting to be checked in or when waiting to be processed at the end of your appointment. We kindly ask that only one patient approaches the front desk at a time to maintain distance between staff and patients. We ask that our patients do not bring additional people with them to their appointment unless it is a parent/guardian to main the social distancing and avoid over-crowding within the office. We have also changed our hours of operation and scheduling to allow for a reduced number of staff and patients in the office.

Hand Sanitizer

We ask that all of our staff and patients use hand sanitizer when entering the office and when leaving the office. There are hand sanitizing stations placed frequently around the office for our staff and patients at all times.

Infrared Forehead Thermometer

We are actively temperature checking every patient and staff member as soon as they enter the dental office. We kindly ask that if you have a temperature above 37.9°C to please stay home and reschedule your appointment once you are 14 days symptom free.

Plexiglass Barrier

We have installed a full-length plexiglass barrier at the front desk to reduce the transmission of aerosols between our reception staff and patients.

Sanitization and Sterilization

Everything in the office is continuously being disinfected and wiped or sprayed down using medical-grade alcohol wipes and alcohol spray. High touch surfaces such as door handles, counters, pens, thermometers, clipboards, debit/credit machine, chairs, keyboards and more are wiped down between each patient. Additionally as we have always done, all dental equipment is cleaned, packaged, sterilized and stored.

Tech-enabled screening: We digitally pre-screen patients in advance for COVID-19 symptoms and risk factors to ensure our clinic stays COVID-free. We also screen our staff every day to ensure the safety of all staff and patients.

Air Filtration: We have invested in high-efficiency HEPA air filtration systems that continuously clean the air. The HEPA air filters remove contaminants in the air and trap aerosols. We have a HEPA air filter in every operatory as well as the front reception area to ensure the safety of our staff and patients

Enhanced Patient Protection Measures: All of our staff have upgraded their protective gear, including but not limited to appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) such as disposable gowns, N95 masks, surgical masks, protective eyeglasses, plastic face shields, and gloves. In between patients, we meticulously clean and disinfect rooms, as well as sterilize all instruments as we have always done. These extra measures are to ensure that our staff and patients are protected and as safe as possible while treating our patients dental needs.

Environize ULV Fogger: As an extra precaution, once a week we use a Health Canada DIN certified disinfectant spray throughout the office. This spray is an all-natural, non-porous surface disinfectant that effectively kills airborne pathogens passed by air movement.

Purevac High Volume Evacuation System: We have invested in the Purevac high volume evacuation system in all of our operatories to reduce the spread of aerosols during aerosols producing appointments. This high volume evacuation system greatly reduces aerosols, splatter, fluids and debris.

Cashless Payment: In hopes to reduce infectious spread we will no longer take cash or cheque as payment. Should you have any concerns please give us a call and we can make arrangements on a case by case basis.