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The Cost of Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening has become a very popular way to cosmetically enhance one’s smile by a conservative means. Often times, we will use tooth whitening in conjunction with other treatments such as bonding and veneers in order to restore a smile.

Not all whitening is the same.  Health Canada does not restrict the sale of tooth whitening agents and tooth whitening is not a controlled act. While tooth whitening falls within the scope of practice of dentistry and is performed in dental offices, tooth whitening is also considered to be in the public domain. This means that there are no restrictions in the Regulated Health Professions Act on the performance of these procedures in settings outside of dental professional practices.

This makes it very difficult for someone interested in whitening to chose where to have the treatment done. At Soho Dental, our whitening procedures are done under the supervision of a dentist. This means that a dentist will examine your teeth, determine if tooth whitening would be an appropriate treatment for the tooth discolouration and make sure that the procedure can be carried out safely.

We use a two step approach to our tooth whitening. The first step is done in the office, using a high concentration peroxide gel. We use the Brilliance20 In-Office Whitening System.

Brillance20 In-Office Whitening

Brilliance20 In-Office Whitening Light Activation

The second step of the whitening treatment is done at home. We make custom fitting trays into which our patients will place the whitening gel. The custom tray is worn for 45minutes to 1 hour every day for 7 to 10 days.

Custom Fitting Whitening Trays with Take Home Gel

We find that combining the in-office whitening with the take home custom trays works well to whiten the teeth and to give results that are longer lasting than just the in-office procedure alone.

Finally, the custom trays can be used to touch-up your whitening every 6-8 months or as required in order to maintain the results.

The cost for tooth whitening at Soho Dental is $375 which includes the in-office treatment (2 same appointment treatments, about 20 minutes for each treatment), custom trays and take home whitening gel (4 syringes).

It is important to keep in mind that the degree of whitening cannot be guaranteed. Everyone is different with respect how well the teeth will respond to the treatment. It is also important to be aware that the most common side effect of tooth whitening is sensitive teeth. Usually once the whitening treatment is over, the teeth will return to their normal level of sensitivity.

With that in mind, most of our patients are able to complete the treatment safely and with good results. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in tooth whitening.

Before In-office Whitening

After In-office Whitening

Before In-office Whitening

After In-office Whitening