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The Cost of Dental Implants

Many patients are curious as to the costs and dental implants. The average fee for a dental implant is between $4000-4500 to replace a single tooth. The costs are divided approximately as such:

  1. Implant surgeons fee: ~$2500. This is the fee that the implant surgeon charges to treatment plan the case and to place the implant. The fee includes the material cost of the titanium implant. Additional procedures may be required that may augment the fee. For example if bone grafting or sinus elevation procedures are required this increase the complexity of the procedure.
  2. Laboratory fee: ~$900. The laboratory will fabricate the crown or tooth portion that will sit on top of the implant. The design is custom made based on the direction of the dentist. This fee includes the material and labor costs for the implant crown.
  3. Dentists fee: ~$1100. This fee includes treatment planning, placing the implant crown, ensuring the design and fit are adequate to ensure longevity of the treatment and balancing the bite forces on the implant to ensure that the implant serves the patient for as long as possible.

Are Dental Implants Worth It?

Dental implant costs are comparable to other alternative treatments when one evaluates the return for the investment. Other alternative treatments may have a lower upfront cost but they may have to replaced more often. This is an important discussion to have with your dentist when determining the best option for you.

“Low Cost” Dental Implants

What if  you see ads with exceptionally low prices for dental implants? The key is to ask the right questions of the dentist you know you can trust:

  1. Does the price include bone augmentation, soft tissue treatment, extraction? The implant surgeons that we refer to always have your best interest in mind and they will be upfront about what is needed for a successful outcome in terms of procedures and costs.
  2. What is the quality of the dental implant being placed? The well recognized implant companies have research and a long history of success. We use the Astra Tech implant system ( which has a long history of reliability. There are cheaper implants being manufactured in the dental marketplace and these unlikely to have the same reliability or quality control.
  3. Where is the lab that will make your implant crown? In this day and age, it is not uncommon to out source the lab work abroad to save costs. In these cases the quality control may not be the same. We use a certified dental laboratory and technician with who has proven to provide outstanding dental restorations.
  4. What about follow-up and and maintenance? Once the implant is placed and restored it has to be checked periodically to be sure that it is functioning well.

These are just a few considerations among many that have to be taken into account if you are thinking of a dental implant. We take the time to plan and  consider many factors including your general health, your dental health, the balance of forces on your teeth which could impact on the health of the implant, grinding and clenching forces, aesthetics especially if the implant is a part of the smile, to name a few before recommending a dental implant. A dental implant may not be right choice in every situation. However, in many circumstances it can offer the best functional and aesthetic replacement of natural teeth.

While cost is an important consideration, your choice in selecting your dental implant team should involve other criteria. Please ask the necessary and important questions. Your dentist should be happy to answer them for you.

Images: (in this case, the entire treatment was done at Soho Dental)

X-ray of decayed tooth that cannot be restored:

X-ray after extraction of tooth and placement of dental implant:

Crown placement on implant begins with fixing abutment (linking connection) between the implant and the crown:

Final ceramic crown placed over the abutment, restoring form and function of natural tooth:

Side view of final ceramic crown: