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Happy Holidays!

We wish you and your families a happy and festive holiday season. We wish to express our gratitude to you who entrust us with your dental care. We are very thankful to serve our community. May the New Year bring good health and happiness to you as well as peace and safety to all those around the world living in difficult times.

Sincerely, Dr Haji and the team at Soho Dental

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Filling Cavities in the Front Teeth

In our latest video watch a time lapse procedure of the filling of cavities in the front teeth of a patient at Soho Dental in Toronto. This is a common, simple and relatively painless procedure we regularly perform at our clinic.
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The Dental Microscope at Soho Dental

The dental microscope is an invaluable tool that not only allows more comfort for dentist and patient, but also allows for a degree of precision that was previously impossible. In our latest video we have explained the usage of the microscope in detail.

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Which tooth is the crown?

A crown or cap goes over a tooth to prevent it from fracturing. Crowns are recommended for teeth that have had root canal treatment or that have large fillings as these teeth are weaker and prone to breakage. Once a tooth is crowned, you can chew with confidence without worry that the tooth may be damaged further.

With our modern dental ceramics, crowns can be very esthetic as well. The crown in the picture above is the upper first molar tooth, which is the 4th tooth on the top from the left.

High quality dental care is often a collaboration between myself and the specialists that I work with. One of these specialists is Jim Globocki, a certified dental technician and denturist. It is he that fabricates your dental work in ceramic. He uses his skill to duplicate nature in shape and colour. As a result your new crown will not only feel and function comfortably but it will blend in with your natural teeth as much as possible.

If you have any questions regarding crowns, for the front or back teeth, do not hesitate to ask us at your next dental visit!

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Composite Resin Restoration

Amalgam fillings are metal fillings and they are very strong.  Despite being a very strong material, the forces in the mouth can be enough to break these fillings especially if one is grinding or clenching their teeth.  The first picture above shows  broken amalgam restorations.

These fillings are broken because the patient grinds his teeth.  One can see how the tooth structure is worn as well.

A new composite resin restoration brings the tooth back to proper form and function. Although these new restorations will serve the patient well, they will also eventually fail unless the grinding habit is addressed.  The treatment solutions may include a night guard and a bite adjustment to balance the forces on the teeth.

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What is microleakage around a filling?

The first picture above shows microleakage around an old filling. All fillings have a lifespan after which they are no longer functional. In this example, the old filling is intact, it is not broken but there is another problem. The seal between the filling and the tooth structure is longer exists. This can be seen as the dark staining between the filling and the tooth. This means that salivary fluids and bacteria have entered the tooth and will very likely cause decay underneath the filling. If this is not repaired and the decay progresses, this can then cause sensitivity, discomfort and possibly a tooth abscess.

The second picture shows the tooth repaired with a new filling. Notice the seal between the filling and the tooth. This new restoration will function comfortably for the patient for many years to come.

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Instrument Sterilization


At Soho Dental, we take the sterilization of our surgical instruments very seriously.

The pictures above show what your instruments look like before your appointment at Soho Dental.  All our instruments are thoroughly cleaned, placed in cassettes, wrapped and then autoclaved.  The process of autoclaving sterilizes the instruments using high heat, saturated steam and pressure. Most importantly, your instruments remained sealed in the wrapping until they are ready to be used.  Just before your appointment, the packages are opened as the room is prepared for your treatment. Surgical instruments at a hospital are handled in a similar way in that they are autoclaved and wrapped. The wrapping is not removed until they are needed.

If you have any questions regarding our sterilization procedures, please do not hesitate to ask.

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Goodbye Fiona

Many of you have had treatment by our dental hygienist Fiona Taniredjo. Fiona has been with Soho Dental for over 5 years. Fiona is ready to start her new life and new adventures await her. It is with regret that I announce her retirement from Soho Dental but we all wish her the best of luck and every happiness in her new endeavours! Thank you Fiona for all your efforts and your high commitment to patient care. You will be missed.

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All Porcelain Crowns

We are fortunate that modern dentistry allows us to repair discoloured or damaged teeth with all porcelain crowns.  A crown or cap covers and replicates the entire tooth right down to the gum level. The dental porcelains that are available today are very strong but also highly aesthetic allowing us to make the crown appear very natural. The following example shows a tooth that had been discoloured for many years.  The tooth had trauma and root canal treatment, both of which have discoloured and weakened the tooth.  The all porcelain crown masks the underlying tooth colour, allowing us to recreate a better tooth form and to protect the tooth structure underneath the crown from further damage.

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