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What is a Veneer?


Figure 1: Right front tooth has a large discoloured filling and it is shorter than the left front tooth.


Figure 2: Result after teeth whitening and a porcelain veneer on the right front tooth.

A veneer is a porcelain facing that is permanently bonded onto the front of the tooth.  The purpose of the veneer is to improve the aesthetics when we desire a colour change in the tooth or when we need to change the contour or shape of a tooth.  In the above example, the first picture shows the patient’s right front tooth that has poor aesthetics due to a large filling.  It is also shorter than the left front tooth.

After treatment with the veneer, we can see that the lengths of the teeth are equal and that the porcelain has completely masked the discoloured filling.  In addition, the patient had their teeth whitened, improving the overall esthetics of the smile.

If you have any questions regarding improving your smile with veneers, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Dr Haji completes training at world-renowned Dawson Academy

Dr Haji has completed an advanced training curriculum at the world-renowned Dawson Academy, with a special focus on treating occlusal (bite) issues, esthetic dentistry, and solving complex dental problems.

Dr Haji will approach your oral health by practicing Complete Dentistry, a concept he learned through his advanced education at The Dawson Academy. By emphasizing prevention and early detection and treatment of disease, tooth wear, and functional problems, Dr. Haji will be able to identify the signs of dental problems before any symptoms and damage appear.

Graduates of The Dawson Academy —a place where dentists learn to be better dentists–represent only 10% of dentists who practice the concept of Complete Dentistry. Through proper diagnosis and treatment planning, you’ll be able to receive treatments in a more conservative manner, which will allow you to keep as much of your natural tooth structure as possible and help you maintain a healthy smile for your lifetime.




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Immediate Implants

Picture4Picture3Picture2Picture1An immediate implant is an implant that is placed directly after a tooth extraction.  Often a temporary tooth is placed on the implant the same day so that the patient does not have to be without a tooth. The treatment can be successful but requires proper case selection and diagnosis. The series of pictures above illustrate an immediate implant placement at Soho Dental. Figure 1 shows an upper pre-molar tooth that is fractured and cannot be repaired as the fracture extends far below the gums.  Figure 2 is an x-ray that shows the implant placement after the tooth was extracted.  Figure 3 shows the implant in the mouth immediately following extraction.  Figure 4 shows the temporary crown that was placed on the implant the same day. The implant was left to heal for 3 months before a permanent porcelain crown was placed.

Please let us know if you have any questions about immediate implants!

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